• Broadlink MP2 Socket Plug Remote Control By App Switch Smart Home-EU plug

Find intelligent life, Make life simple

* Operates over Wi-Fi and mobile internet at home and away, turn electronics/appliances on/off from anywhere, anytime.

* Works with your existing Wi-Fi router and smart phones, Android or iPhone.

* Free apps available on Apple store and our website.


* Set multiple timer tasks, program your favourite way to automate your appliances.

* You can have 1 Broadlink switch and move it around your house or have many units running at the same time.

* One step setup, only need to provide Wi-Fi password, it automatically does the rest for you.

* NElectrical Rating : 90V-245V / 10A / 50-60Hz / 2200W.

* MP2 has added 3 pcs 2.1 A USB interface than MP1, which can meet more charge require.

* The USB interface of Broadlink MP2 is normally energized all the time to ensure the power supply.

* MP2 can be remote control not only Broadlink "e-control", but also the newest Broadlink APP named "Intelligent Home Center "

* MP2 has total 26 set timing task, there are 8 group timing, 16 group cycle time, 1 group cycle.1 group anti-theft.

* The most difference from MP1 is the 3 jack and 3 pcs USB in Broadlink MP2 can not be control alone, only can one-key all on /off.

NOTE: The USB Port not support remote control. And this power strip is China Standard, it can fit with EU/ US standard  2 pin plug and AU standard 3 pin plug.20171108_212626_02920171108_212626_03020171108_212626_03120171108_212626_03220171108_212626_03320171108_212626_03420171108_212626_03520171108_212626_03620171108_212626_03720171108_212626_03820171108_212626_03920171108_212626_040

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Broadlink MP2 Socket Plug Remote Control By App Switch Smart Home-EU plug

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