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Tamron 12VM412ASIR 1/2" 4-12mm F/1.2 Infrared Manual C-Mount Lens
Designed for 24-hour operation the Tamron 12VM412ASIR uses infrared corrected lens elements to produ..
Tamron 13FG22IRSQ 1/3" 2.2mm F/1.2 Compact CS-Mount Lens with Auto Iris DC Focus Lock
Using advanced IR corrected optical elements, the Tamron 13FG22IRSQ CS-mount lens provides brighter ..
Tamron 13FM04IR 1/3" 4mm F/1.2 CS-Mount Infrared Fixed Focal Lens
The Tamron 13FM04IR CS-mount lens employs specialized infrared optical elements to eliminate focus s..
Tamron 13FM08IR 8mm F/1.2 Infrared Manual C-Mount Lens
CCTV Lenses/Model : 13FM08IR Close ..
Tamron 13VM308AS 1/3" CS Mount 3-8mm Manual Iris Lens Support CCTV Camera
The Tamron 13VM308AS is a full manual CS mount lens designed for 1/3-inch CCD cameras. The 3.0 mm fo..
Tamron 1A1HB CCTV camera lens with manual iris Free Shipping
  Every camera lover loves lens. The get cctv camera in our shop are of the hi..
Tamron M12VM412 1/2 C CCTV Lens (4-12mm, f/1.4)
The Tamron M12VM412 CCTV Lens (4-12mm, f/1.4), with a focal length of 4-12mm, delivers high-qua..